Month: February 2018

How to tidy up his house? Tips piece by piece

Storage has become a priority in the layout of our interiors. We always need it, every day a little more. Where to find the place and how to integrate them harmoniously with our decoration? Tips and tricks to optimize your space, hide your things smartly and (finally!) Tidy up every room in the house.

How to tidy up your house & nbsp; Tips by Piece by Piece

The basic tips for tidying up your house

Chronic disorder can undermine morale … So let’s go, roll up your sleeves and put the right tips into practice.

 Sort  : at the beginning, limit yourself to a drawer or shelf rather than attacking your entire interior. This will prevent you from becoming discouraged. Each week, for example, you set a day to empty a room, during which you will review all the accumulated things that may be thrown away. If you hesitate to throw (or give) something, put it aside. At the end of the month, if you have not used it, throw it away this time (or give it away)! You can also organize this storage in two piles: what is usable and in good working order on one side, and what is broken or superfluous on the other side.
Be logical: have the practical sense for your storage, be simple and full of common sense. Effective storage is easy access storage. If you have to push your collection of mini cacti to access the health book of the youngest, or step over the deck to get to the couch, it’s time to rethink your organization. Make easily accessible all that is of everyday use and book more difficult access to objects whose use is more exceptional. This practical sense will have to be even more acute if you choose to build a library : you will have to ask which books you need to access most often.

Have a multifunctional spirit: for a small space , opt for transformable furniture: clever solutions that, in addition to having the advantage of saving space, are often very aesthetic. Even if convertible furniture often rhymes with low budget, do not look for savings at all costs and bet on quality instead. Before making your choice, plan for the future, will this furniture be large enough and clever enough to hold your storage? Is its maintenance easy? Will he go with my home decor?

Ask for help  : If you feel overwhelmed, find a companion of misfortune. You will be more efficient and you will go faster. Who knows, you will take the opportunity to share your cleaning tips . Also remember that perfectionism is one of the biggest obstacles that can prevent you from living a serene life. Wanting to be a fairy at all costs is not always a good thing. An interior too sanitized, looking like a home, nothing warm.

Trust feng shui: according to feng shui , the winery represents your past, the attic your future, the entry your relations with others, the stay your heart, the kitchen your belly, the soil your finances, the cabinets your body, the room your privacy and the garage your mobility. Visualize by entering in each of these pieces the area of ​​your life in question. This will help you to start a big spring cleaning .

Design your interior layout before moving in . Ideally. Simply because if you have to opt for very heavy solutions (work of several weeks), it is not very pleasant to live in the building site. However, it’s never too late. When you have invested in your home or apartment, you may not have the means to arrange immediately. Five or six years after moving in, you will have better identified your needs and it may be a little easier to review the overall organization of your storage.

How to spray paint the interior of a house

Steps to follow:

1 According to the decoration specialists, the warm colors (red, yellow, orange …) come together and the cold colors(blue, purple, green …) move away. That means you have to paint the walls of a room with cold colors if you want it to look bigger, and warm if you want it to look smaller. However, you have to be very careful about the choice of tones. That is, a bright blue or green may make the walls look as close to you as the hottest red, while a soft yellow may feel like the walls are dissolving. , thus increasing the feeling of space. Therefore, it is not possible to take into account the tone (light or dark) and the intensity of the chosen color. In general, light, pale, or less intense colors will enlarge the space, while darker or more intense colors will reduce it.
2 In addition, it is important to think of a matching color combination . The colors that are in directly opposite positions in the color wheel, that is to say, the complementary colors, intensify between them. For example, if you use red and green in a room, the red will appear redder and the green more green.
3 Regarding the choice of colors for a corridor, take into account that the corridor will appear longer if the back wall is painted a light color and the sides of dark colors, and vice versa.
4 Furniture that stands out in relation to the color of the walls (for example, a blue wall with white furniture) also helps to define the space precisely. If you want more harmony, an intense golden yellow combines perfectly with gilded accessories, painted furniture and a white carpentry and tapestry, increasing the feeling of space, although it is a bright color and hot. If you have a red sofa, you can choose its complementary color (green) for the nearest wall, so the two colors intensify each other, attracting attention. For other walls, it would be advisable to choose a light color that matches other furniture or elements of the room in question.
5 If you want to give some life to a small piece without much interest, you can opt for a multicolored palette to change the proportions. As a general rule, choose a warm or intense color for the walls you want to bring closer and a cold or light tone for those you want to move away.
7 First, choose colors that fade among furniture and other accessories. And choose accessories (eg carpets, curtains ..) that contain three or four compatible colors. You have to choose warm and cool colors from the same range of tones. To determine where to put each color, you can create a sensation of movement through successive spaces by ordering, for example, the colors of hot to cold or vice versa.

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Paint a wall plastered inside easily

As announced Wednesday , I explain how I proceeded to paint a wall plastered upstairs. Indeed, I had done some research before I started. However, the results I had obtained were generally the same: use a large long-haired roll and put tarpaulins everywhere. Well, this solution is certainly perfect for an exterior wall. It is also surely suitable for an empty and unoccupied room. On the other hand, in my case, we are inside, in a room with furniture. I did not like it! Here is my method.

The preparation

The first phase in painting, whether for a piece of furniture or a wall, is preparation. So here I started dusting it carefully. I spare you the details but there was quite a lot to suck. Do not have complex, everyone has spider webs at home. I suck a little each day and I find it all the same each time. Then, I attacked the clogging of the holes! And that, believe me, it was a job!

The removal of the ankles

This wall was studded with pegs! There were so many everywhere that I seriously wondered what our predecessors had been able to fix on the wall. But if you remember my wall decor with Action Frames , you’re not particularly surprised.

To remove an ankle therefore, you need a screw the proper size (do not hope to reuse after), a screwdriver and a pliers (preferably tongs because it is the easiest). So you will start by screwing the screw about half of its length in the ankle.

Press the screw halfway down

Then you will use your pincers and catch the screw. There are not 36 solutions: you have to shoot! Until tear off the ankle. It is sometimes difficult because, casually, it is not done to be removed.

Catch the screw with the pincers

You just have to repeat the operation for each ankle!

fill the holes

And to finish the preparation of the wall, you must remove the horrible holes whose wall is now studded. The advantage of plaster is that it will forgive you a lot in plaster! no need to do a smooth job like the back of a newborn! For my part, I put the coating in two times (because of the retraction inherent in the material). And that’s all !

Holes clogged with plaster

So, you have a nice wall full of white patches. It also allows you to measure the dirtiness of the wall. No comment.

Holes plugged all over the wall

Paint a wall plaster

Once the coating has dried well, we can go to painting. Be careful that it is really dry! Do not hesitate to wait 24 hours after the plaster to start painting. We are never too careful!

I also take the opportunity to point out that the wall had already been painted white. If your plaster is rough, it is imperative to pass an undercoat before passing your painting. If you do not, the plaster will absorb your beautiful paint and you will have to spend at least three layers, which will be terribly expensive.

The material to paint a wall plaster

I started with what I thought was the material I would need to paint a roughcast wall.

Material for painting a wall plaster

  • The painting of your choice, here Tollens Zen Garden color elements, a slightly bluish gray (yes, the one I bought on a garage sale without any qualms),
  • An average roll of good quality for a good grip (that of the starter kit , bought at Brico-Dépôt),
  • A lacquering sleeve (also from the kit but comparable to this one ),
  • A hide-and-seek rule, like this one sold on Amazon (or good quality masking tape, as you prefer),
  • A small brush of painter (see my article on the brushes ),
  • A paint tray (this kit on Amazon with tray and roll is suitable),
  • A sheet of aluminum to put in and do not have to bother to clean the tray.

And in use, I added two additional brushes: a brush to rechampir hard bristles and a wide brush but fine.