How to spray paint the interior of a house

Steps to follow:

1 According to the decoration specialists, the warm colors (red, yellow, orange …) come together and the cold colors(blue, purple, green …) move away. That means you have to paint the walls of a room with cold colors if you want it to look bigger, and warm if you want it to look smaller. However, you have to be very careful about the choice of tones. That is, a bright blue or green may make the walls look as close to you as the hottest red, while a soft yellow may feel like the walls are dissolving. , thus increasing the feeling of space. Therefore, it is not possible to take into account the tone (light or dark) and the intensity of the chosen color. In general, light, pale, or less intense colors will enlarge the space, while darker or more intense colors will reduce it.
2 In addition, it is important to think of a matching color combination . The colors that are in directly opposite positions in the color wheel, that is to say, the complementary colors, intensify between them. For example, if you use red and green in a room, the red will appear redder and the green more green.
3 Regarding the choice of colors for a corridor, take into account that the corridor will appear longer if the back wall is painted a light color and the sides of dark colors, and vice versa.
4 Furniture that stands out in relation to the color of the walls (for example, a blue wall with white furniture) also helps to define the space precisely. If you want more harmony, an intense golden yellow combines perfectly with gilded accessories, painted furniture and a white carpentry and tapestry, increasing the feeling of space, although it is a bright color and hot. If you have a red sofa, you can choose its complementary color (green) for the nearest wall, so the two colors intensify each other, attracting attention. For other walls, it would be advisable to choose a light color that matches other furniture or elements of the room in question.
5 If you want to give some life to a small piece without much interest, you can opt for a multicolored palette to change the proportions. As a general rule, choose a warm or intense color for the walls you want to bring closer and a cold or light tone for those you want to move away.
7 First, choose colors that fade among furniture and other accessories. And choose accessories (eg carpets, curtains ..) that contain three or four compatible colors. You have to choose warm and cool colors from the same range of tones. To determine where to put each color, you can create a sensation of movement through successive spaces by ordering, for example, the colors of hot to cold or vice versa.

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